NH95-HP900 - High Pressure Hydrophone

Click to download the datasheet NH95-HP900 rev 4.pdf


The NH95-HP900 hydrophones are used in Ocean-Bottom Cables (OBC) for high-pressure conditions. The OBC is typically an assembly of vertically oriented geophones and hydrophones connected by electrical wires and deployed on the seafloor to record and relay data to a seismic recording vessel. Such systems were originally introduced to enable surveying in areas of obstructions (such as production platforms) or shallow water inaccessible to ships towing seismic streamers (floating cables).  All NH95-HP900 hydrophones are individually calibrated. NH95-HP900 provide a linear frequency response and are omnidirectional over a wide range of frequencies. All our hydrophones have a protection cell; they are completely waterproof, resist corrosion and can withstand very high salinity levels.


Diameter: 0.67 inch (17mm) (+/-0.5mm) 
Length : 0.78 inch (20 mm) (+/-0.5mm) 
Weight :  0.56 ounce (16 gr.) 
Operating temperature : 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) 
Storage temperature :  -4°F to 176°F (-20°C to 80°C) 
Destruction depth : Greater than 6.562 feet (2 000m). 
Capacity : 11 nF ± 10%. 
Impedance : Greater than 500 MOhms, in water. 
Sensitivity :  7V / bar +-18% (-203 db) Ref:1V/µPa 
Frequency response :  Less tha 8 kHz 
Lowest mechanical resonance : more than 10 kHz. 
Acceleration : Output is better than –60dB, re 1V/g, due to acceleration in the three major axes. Tests performed in air at 20 Hz.


*Completely waterproof 
*Very small size 
*Rugged construction 
*Long operating life