PDV4-Four sources Evaporation / Sputtering Deposition System

Click to download the datasheet PVD-4 Br_Eng.pdf


The PVD4 is a physical vapor deposition system, dedicated to the sputtering process for material growth. It is particularly adapted to laboratory requirements in terms of every day applications, its simplicity to use and its competitive price. The system also exists in hybrid configuration in association with thermal evaporation.

Several deposition techniques are available:
Thermal evaporation:
* Evaporation by Joule effect
* Up to 4 sources (boats, rods, baskets, filament, etc.)
* Cross contamination shields included
* Organic 2cc/Inorganic

Magnetron sputtering: 
* 1” or 2” magnetron cathodes
* Integrated Pneumatic shutters
* RF, DC or DC Pulsed source power supplies
* Up to 3 cathodes in Sputter Down or Sputter Up configuration
* Mass Flow Controller for Gas Line
* Pressure regulation by throttle valve

Hybrid configuration:
* Combined Sputtering & Evaporation processes
* Up to 2 Evaporation sources with 1 cathode
* Up to 2 cathodes with 1 Evaporation source
* Process switching controlled by Software


Sample holder for substrates:  up to 4” in diameter
Thickness homogeneity at working distance of approx. 100 mm 
: +/-2%
Thickness reading precision : 0.1 A
Deposition rate Reading Precision : 0.01 A
Vacuum base pressure : 10-7 mbar
Pumping-down time (10-6 mbar) : less than 20 mins.
Turbo pump : 300 L/s on N2


 * Fast pumping speed
* Pressure management
* Thickness monitoring
* Evolutionary
* Design flexibility
* Compact