PVD2-SP Two Sources Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System


The Vapor Deposition systems PVD2 series have been designed to meet a demand for performance and simplicity at a low cost.This system is very suitable for achieving rapid thin films deposition. The PVD2 system can be equipped with thermal sources or sputtering sources or both at the same time allowing a wide range of materials.

The systen mainly includes:

* Stainless steel chamber – 200 mm diameter with 100 mm front viewport
* Up to 4’’ substrate diameter with rotation (see options)
* Up to 2 sputtering sources with pneumatic shutters (sputter up configuration)
* Turbo pumping group
* Full range pressure measurement
 * Venting valve
 * Supervision center


Thickness Homogeneity : ± 5%
Vacuum Base Pressure: 10-6 mbar
Pumping-down Time (10-6  mbar):  < 30 mn
Turbo pump : 77 L/s on N2