PCL While Fishing tool

Click to download the datasheet PCLWF A4 Brochure rev 2021-08-08.pdf


Pipe-Conveyed Logging (PCL) is an effective method to avoid Stuck-Tool situations and hazardous expensive wireline fishing operations in long and/or inclined wells where the open hole interval crosses zones with high pressure overbalance. A trouble-free PCL single-run operation in a 25,000 ft well with 5,000 ft of open hole could last three days - this same operation performed with unassisted wireline will likely take only one day.
Logging While Fishing/Retrieving (LWF/R) is a popular Stuck-Tool contingency method that allows performing the outstanding “critical” logging objectives and the safe recovery of the tools. This contingency method requires cutting the cable at surface to strip drillpipe over it during the fishing stage, and it is only viable for the “critical” objectives within the vicinity of the stuck-tool depth – using LWF/R in the same unassisted wireline operation example given above will likely take three days.
Inserting the PCLWF Adapter Tool at the top of the tool string allows a safe fast transformation of a Stuck-Tool condition into a PCL operation. This contingency method does NOT require cutting the cable at surface and allows access to the complete open hole interval with NO limitations - using PCLWF in the same unassisted wireline operation example given above will likely take two days. The safety, time reduction, and financial benefits the PCLWF System offers over the alternative methods are maximized in long wells with large openhole intervals.


Maximum Operating Temperature : 500 °F
Maximum Operating Pressure : 30,000 psi
Type of fluids : All types, including salt-saturated up to 300 g/l
Sour atmosphere : Up to 10 % H2S
VTLC-8 Wet Connector : 8 conductors
Maximum OD @ Upper Assembly : 4.125 in 
Overall Length : 8.33 ft
Release Selectable Tension Range : up to 14,000 lb.
Operational Tensile Strength :139,000 lb. (with a 2:1 safety factor)


* Without cutting the wireline cable and without removing the tool string from the well the PCLWF system allows the successful completion of all wireline logging objectives under unexpected Stuck Tool conditions.
* To allow the transformation of a Stuck Tool situation into a Pipe-Conveyed Logging set up, the PCLWF system is mounted on top of the tool string before lowering it into the well using a wireline cable.