PVD4 E: Thermal Evaporation (or vacuum metal deposition)

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The PVD-4 is a physical vapor deposition system, dedicated to the Evaporation or Sputtering deposition process of materials. Its evolutionary design is particularly adapted to laboratory requirements in terms of every day applications, as its simplicity to use and its competitive price.


* Robust Construction: Made with stainless steel and featuring a 320 mm diameter vacuum chamber, ensuring durability and long-term use.

* Convenient Access: Equipped with a fast entry frontal door with a viewport, allowing for easy observation and handling of samples within the vacuum chamber.

* Flexible Sample Support: The system can hold substrates up to 6” in circular diameter, accommodating a diverse range of project needs, perfect for semiconductor equipment.

* Advanced Cooling System: Integrated water cooling on option prevents overheating, maintaining optimal system performance in vacuum evaporator applications.

* Precision Control: Offers remarkable thickness homogeneity (+/-2%), along with precision in thickness (0.1 A) and deposition rate readings (0.01 A), supported by a high-efficiency turbo pump that achieves a base pressure of 10-7 mbar and a quick pumping-down time, essential for thermal evaporation and thin film deposition.


* Versatile Application: Capable of handling evaporation processes for surface and coatings technology, the PVD4-E is adaptable to various materials and research requirements, including vacuum metal deposition and physical vapor deposition coating.

* Ease of Use: Its design emphasizes simplicity, making it accessible to users of all levels without sacrificing precision or control, perfect for advancing surface and coatings technology.

* Cost-Effective Solution: The PVD4-E offers a competitive edge with its affordable pricing, making high-quality deposition accessible to more laboratories, an ideal choice for those in need of semiconductor equipment and thin film deposition capabilities.

*Comprehensive System Supervision: Allows for complete oversight of the system, including pumping, venting, and the execution of complex recipes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for vacuum chamber management. Device securites are managed via program logic interface (PLC), independent of GUI supervision software for optimised system safety.

* Optimal Performance: Engineered to deliver consistent, high-quality deposition results, enhancing the efficiency and outcome of your projects. This makes it an excellent tool for research involving 3D batteries , transistors and other semi-conductor devices.

The PVD4-E system embodies innovation and efficiency, providing a versatile, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for your deposition needs. Whether for research, development, or educational purposes, the PVD4-E is designed to exceed expectations, offering unparalleled performance and reliability in physical vapor deposition coating and thermal evaporation.