MBE-2D Epitaxy System for Ultrahigh Vacuum


VINCI TECHNOLOGY is at the cutting edge of Ultrahigh Vacuum (UHV) application solutions, introducing the MBE (2D) system—a sophisticated, state-of-the-art system engineered for the growth and surface analysis of novel materials and devices, including transition metal di-chalcogenide or topological insulator applications. Designed to operate under a pristine, controlled environment, this system empowers researchers to advance material science and device development. The MBE (2D) system is renowned for its exceptional base pressure capabilities, stable process pressure during heating & growth and versatile configuration options, making it an indispensable tool for advanced research in selective epitaxial growth and semiconductor equipment.


* Ultra-High Vacuum Capability: Achieves a base pressure of 5 E 10-11 mbar, providing an ultra-clean UHV environment for material growth and analysis, essential for quantum devices.

* Efficient Cooling: Features LN2 cryo shrouds for optimal thermal management, critical for ultra-high vacuum operations.

* Versatile Sample Accommodation: Supports a 2” molybloc sample puck or a 3 to 4” sample platen upon which flag style or smaller regular/irregular shaped silicon or sapphire substrates can be attached in order to facilitate selective epitaxial growth.

* Advanced Source Options: Equipped with up to 6 Knudsen cells and up to 3 cracker (Selenium, Tellurium, Antimony) cells for diverse material deposition in addition to a single or dual multi-pocket linear Ebeam (Egun).

* Comprehensive Pumping Groups: Include renowned MECA2000 Ion Pump or Titanium-Sublimation-Filaments (TSP) , Cryo-pump, or Turbomolecular Pumping options to maintain ultrahigh vacuum integrity.

* Dynamic Temperature Control: Heating and/or cooling sample stages are available for precise temperature management, key in selective epitaxial growth processes.

* Real-Time Growth Feedback: Multiple quartz sensors with closed loop feedback of Ebeam and effusion cell power supplies or integrated Beam Flux monitor. Integrated RHEED or RHEED AUGERS to characterize the surface of crystalline phases during the epitaxy processes.

* Seamless Integration: Easily couples with transfer tunnels, load locks, cluster transfer systems and preparation chambers for a complete system setup, enhancing semiconductor equipment utility.


* Unmatched Vacuum Performance: The MBE (2D)'s capability to reach ultrahigh vacuum levels ensures the purity and quality of material growth, crucial for quantum material research.

* Precision and Control: The system's precise deposition control and dynamic temperature management enable the development of high-quality materials with exceptional accuracy for epitaxy.

* Comprehensive System Integration: Its ability to integrate with various chambers and storage options, including load locks, makes the MBE (2D) a flexible solution that can be tailored to specific research needs and lab spaces.

* Optimized for Research Efficiency: The system's design not only maximizes lab space but also enhances research productivity by facilitating easy sample transfer and preparation for epitaxy and mbe.

* Comprehensive System Supervision: Allows for complete oversight of the system, including pumping, venting, and the execution of complex recipes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for vacuum chamber Device securities are managed via program logic interface (PLC), independent of GUI supervision software for optimised system safety. UHV vacuum conditions maintained even through power loss or system shutdown by placing PLC on UPS backup.

The MBE (2D) system by VINCI TECHNOLOGY represents a pinnacle of innovation in material science research, offering researchers a comprehensive solution for the development of novel materials and devices under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. Its advanced features and integration capabilities, including load locks and ion pump systems, make it an invaluable tool for advancing epitaxy and mbe, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field.