PVD8S: Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System


The PVD8 emerges as a cutting-edge solution in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, engineered to surpass the rigorous demands of material science research and development. With its capacity to integrate up to 8 sputtering sources (2” or 3" confocal and/or planar) this system is a cornerstone for laboratories striving for precision, flexibility, and efficiency in a multitude of deposition applications. Tailored for everyday laboratory use, its design prioritizes ease of operation, affordability, and physical vapor deposition effectiveness.

Two models exist in the PVD8 design: the High Vacuum PVD8 (capable of reaching 10-8 mbar range) and the Ultra-High Vacuum PVD8 (capable of reaching 10-10 mbar range). The optional load lock significantly enhances system performance by reaching these vacuum levels and maintaining process chamber always under vacuum. This in turn speeds up sample preparation times—a feature crucial for high-throughput labs focusing on semiconductor devices, thin film coating, and anti-reflecting films.

System is available in Sputter Up and Sputter down configurations and is the most sophisticated versatile of our sputter tool range.


* Robust Construction: Features a cylindrical stainless steel vacuum chamber, ensuring durability and facilitating magnetron sputtering processes for surface and coatings technology. ISO-F or full Conflat models for HV or UHV.

* Enhanced Visibility: A quick-access frontal door with viewports provides clear visibility, crucial for monitoring sputter coating operations and optical coating applications.

* Advanced Substrate Handling: Supports substrates up to 6 inches, offering rotation, heating, cooling, and substrate polarization options—key for thin film deposition and synthesis.

* Versatile Sputtering Sources: Equipped with up to 8 sputtering sources, allowing for sputter coater flexibility and confocal configurations, enhancing magnetron sputtering efficiency. Planar, Confocal, Off-axis Sputtering. Co-sputtering capability. Epitaxial sputtering growth. HV or UHV sputtering guns.

* Comprehensive Power Supply Options: Catering to diverse material needs with RF, DC, Pulsed DC, and Hipims sources, essential for physical vapor deposition of anti-reflecting and specialized films.

* Efficient Vacuum System: A turbo pumping group combined with advanced pressure measurement technologies ensures an optimal vacuum chamber environment for high-quality PVD.

* Precise Gas Flow Control: A Mass Flow Controller and throttle valve provide accurate gas management, crucial for stable sputter coating environments.

* Comprehensive System Supervision: Allows for complete oversight of the system, including pumping, venting, and the execution of complex recipes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for vacuum chamber Device securities are managed via program logic interface (PLC), independent of GUI supervision software for optimised system safety. UHV vacuum conditions maintained even through power loss or system shutdown by placing PLC on UPS backup.


* High Versatility: Supports a wide range of deposition tasks, from thin film coatings for 3D batteries to optical coatings, 2D materials, oxide growth, making it suitable for both research and industrial applications

* Optimized Preparation Time: The load lock feature drastically reduces sample prep time, boosting throughput and operational efficiency in vacuum metal deposition.

* Precision Deposition: Ensures the production of high-quality films with exceptional uniformity, key for surface and coatings technology advancements.

* User-Friendly Interface: Designed for easy use across various expertise levels, enhancing laboratory productivity in magnetron sputtering applications.

* Reliability and Safety: Robust construction and a secure turbo pumping group guarantee safe, reliable operation, essential for labs working on physical vapor deposition coating.

The PVD8 stands as a beacon of innovation in PVD, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency. It propels research and development forward, providing laboratories with the tools needed to push the boundaries of material science and achieve groundbreaking results in thin film technology.