PVD-4 - E beam Evaporation (Ebeam, E gun)


 The PVD4-EB stands at the forefront of electron beam evaporation and physical vapor deposition coating technology, specifically engineered for E-Beam thermal evaporation of materials. This fully automated system is perfectly suited for the rigorous demands of R&D environments focusing on thin film deposition and thin film coating, including 3D batteries and semiconductor equipment. Equipped with a compact E-Gun featuring 4 x 4cc rotatable crucibles, the PVD4-EB is designed to streamline the e-beam evaporation process, making it an essential tool for advanced material research and development.


 * Compact Electron Beam Source: A powerful 4x4 cc  e-beam source backed by a 3KW power supply, optimized for the  vacuum metal deposition of metals and thin film coating .

* Advanced Control System: Incorporates a motorized crucible and beam controller (GENIUS II) for precise manipulation of  electron beam evaporation parameters.

* Efficient Vacuum System: Features a secured turbopumping group for rapid pumping cycles, achieving a  vacuum chamber base pressure in the 10-7 mbar range or better, crucial for  e-beam evaporation and  physical vapor deposition coating.

* Versatile Substrate Handling: Supports substrate diameters of up to 6 inches, with optional features such as rotating or water-cooled substrate holder for lift-off processes, and a heating option outgassing or annealing.

* Comprehensive System Supervision: Allows for complete oversight of the system, including pumping, venting, and the execution of complex recipes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for vacuum chamber management. Device securites are managed via program logic interface (PLC), independent of GUI supervision software for optimised system safety.


*Cost Efficiency: The PVD4-EB's modular design not only offers exceptional versatility but also ensures cost efficiency, making advanced PVD capabilities accessible without a hefty investment, ideal for projects involving 3D batteries among other semiconductor applications.

* Operational Excellence: With full automation and sophisticated control systems, the PVD4-EB reduces the complexity of thin-film deposition processes, allowing for easy integration into any R&D workflow.

* Precision and Versatility: The system's advanced features enable precise control over e-gun deposition rates and materials, catering to a wide variety of research applications including semiconductor equipment and thin film coating.

* Enhanced Safety and Reliability: The secured turbopumping group and comprehensive system supervision promote a safe operating environment and reliable performance under rigorous use, critical for e-beam evaporation.

* Streamlined Process Management: The ability to manage complex recipes and automate critical processes significantly enhances productivity and results consistency in thin film deposition and physical vapor deposition coating.

The PVD4-EB Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition System is an innovative solution designed to meet the evolving needs of material science research. By combining state-of-the-art technology with ease of use and cost efficiency, the PVD4-EB enables researchers to push the boundaries of what's possible, paving the way for new discoveries and advancements in the field of electron beam evaporation.