MCB-Micro Catalyst Bed unit

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The Micro Catalyst Bed (MCB) unit is a reactor system specifically designed to meet the needs of academic,  public, or small industrial laboratories for catalyst evaluation and process  development.  It provides an automatic and user friendly operation, a high level of safety, easy start-up and simple maintenance. It brings to the laboratory level the long experience of Vinci-Technologies in the refining and petrochemical industries.  MCB equipment could be CE marked, compliant to all of the legal requirements of the EU legislation, and more precisely with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. 

The MCB is a bench scale automatic unit based on a mini reactor of about 10ml with its associated furnace. A wide range of available options allows customization of the unit to meet the customer’s exact needs. With its simple modular construction, MCB is suitable for many reactions such as: hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrogenation, HDS, HDT, oxidation… The system is operated by remote control based on TCP/IP interface with a computer and provides data recording and processing.


Supported reactions:
* Hydrocraking (HDS, HDN, HCK)
* Hydrotreating (Hydroconversion, HDS, hydrognation aromatics, HDN, HDM)
* Isomerization (PT/AL2O3 chlorated, Zeolite, Aromatics)
* Alkylation (Aromatics) 
* Catalytic reforming (Dehydrogenation, cyclization, isomerization) 
* Oxidation (Selective) 

(Non exhaustive list)


* Flexibility and number of options
* Fabrication quality
* Fully automatic unit
* User-friendly interface
* Full data recovery on Excel
* Proven and robust design
* Compact equipment
* Easy maintenance (quick connections)