MAT-MicroActivity Testing Unit

Click to download the datasheet FCC Activity Spotligh.pdf


The MAT - FCC Microactivity Test (MAT) is a fully automatic lab-scale reaction system designed to  evaluate equilibrium activity of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts. The MAT allows to automatically perform up to 8 runs for high throughput purposes and can be  supplied with efficient and extra fast analysis systems (micro-GC) to provide accurate cracking yields and gasoline properties (RON/MON, RVP, etc.).

Several configurations are available:
* Single run - ASTM method strictly compliant
* Mutirun (4 or 8 runs)
* Coprocessing – Biomass feeding


Designed in fully compliance with both ASTM methods D 3907 & D 5154 (latest versions D 3907-13 & D5154-10)


* Fabrication quality
* User-friendly interface
* Proven and robust design
* Compact equipment
* Easy maintenance