NH95-250 - Streamer Hydrophone

Click to download the datasheet NH95-250 rev1.pdf


Hydrophone is a device designed for use in detecting seismic energy in the form of pressure changes under water during marine seismic acquisition. Hydrophones are combined to form streamers that are towed by seismic vessels or deployed in a borehole. Geophones, unlike hydrophones, detect motion rather than pressure. All NH95-250 hydrophones are individually calibrated. NH95-250 provide a linear frequency response and are omnidirectional over a wide range of frequencies. All our hydrophones have a protection cell; they are completely waterproof, resist corrosion and can withstand very high salinity levels. 


Dimensions : 0.67 inch (17mm) diameter (+/-0.5mm) 0.78 inch (20 mm) length (+/-0.5mm)
 Weight :  0.48 ounce (13.6 gr.) (+/-1gr ) 
Operating temperature :  32°f to 122°f (0°c to 50°c) 
Storage temperature :  -4°f to 150°f (-20°c to 65°c) 
Destruction depth : greater than 1000 feet (300m)
Capacity :16 nf ±5%
Impedance : greater than 500 mOhm, in water
Sensitivity :  20v / bar +-18% (-194 db) ref: 1v/ µ pa 
frequency response :  flat from 2 hz to 1 khz. 
Lowest mechanical resonance  : above 4 khz. 
Acceleration output :  better than –60db, re 1v/g


* Completely waterproof
* Very small size 
* Light weight  
* Rugged construction
* Long operating life