NH95-TZ - Transition Zone Hydrophone

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There are areas called “transition zone”  -TZ-  in which water is too shallow for acquisition of marine seismic data with towed streamers, such as near the shoreline, marshes and lagoons. In some cases, source explosives can be rammed into the unconsolidated sediments of transition zone environments rather than drilling more costly shot holes. Likewise, special hydrophones can be placed by ramming to couple the receiver to the Earth better and to save time and money during survey acquisition.
The NH 95-TZ is an analog high performance transition zone hybrid hydrophone (which includes his own power supply and the pre-amplifier). All NH95-TZ hydrophones are individually calibrated. NH95-TZ provide a linear frequency response and are omnidirectional over a wide range of frequencies. All our hydrophones have a protection cell; they are completely waterproof, resist corrosion and can withstand very high salinity levels. 


Frequency response: 50 Hz to 1 kHz 
Voltage sensitivity: (1) -198,5 dB ± 1,5 dB (re 1V/µPa) other upon request
Operating depths: 0 to 50 meters (0 to 164 ft) 
Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C 
Output impedance: (1) 1,5 Ohm other upon request at 100 Hz 
Length : 160 mm (6,3 in) 
Diameter : 33 mm (1,3 in) 
Weight : 190 gr. (6,7 oz) 


*Small size 
*Rugged construction 
*Single package including low noise piezoelectric design, preamp. and battery 
*Minimum two years battery life 
*Wide bandwidth