CFS-series Core flood system for EOR


The CFS series flawlessly performs single and multiphase core flood studies at reservoir-representative conditions of temperature and pressure. Notably the device allows the evaluation of critical parameters such as brine sensitivity, return permeability, critical flow velocity and various secondary and tertiary EOR methods, including water flooding, polymer injection, ASP injection, miscible and immiscible gas flooding, acid treatments and microbial flooding. Relative permeabilities at irreducible water saturation, residual oil saturation, displacement efficiency and incremental oil recovery after implementation of the EOR process, can be determined. The computer controlled system is provided with a unique software that allows both manual and automated operation where all key components can be controlled including pumps, valves, video capturing and data acquisition. A test sequencer also permits automated elaborate test sequences. The core holder, air operated valves, produced fluid separator if selected and necessary plumbing are mounted in an isothermal convective air bath that has been designed to provide easy access to all main components.


Type of EOR test to be performed
Type of coreflood test (unsteady or/and steady test)
Confining pressure
Pore pressure
Maximum working temperature
Core diameter
Core length
Fluid flow rate
position of the coreholder
number of pressure taps
Wetted parts material
Number of coreholders
Method of measuring the produced fluid
Number of injection pumps
Number of accumulators
Number of mixers for accumulators