Steam generator


The steam generator produces super-heated steam at temperatures and pressures up to 325°C and 2,500 psi, respectively. This stand-alone device can be integrated into a core flooding system to study thermal EOR processes. A typical test consist of injecting steam or hot water into a core sample at residual oil saturation and monitoring the incremental oil recovery. The device comprises a heated aluminum barrel, around which is coiled a 1/8” tube. A thermoelectric heating cartridge is fitted inside the aluminum barrel to heat the water circulating inside the coil tube. Transferred by a micro pump (not included) into the coiled tube, the water vaporizes to yield steam. The whole barrel/tubing assembly is insulated within a surrounding jacket to improve thermodynamic control and temperature stability. The generator’s temperature is continuously monitored by a PT 100 probe while temperature control is achieved via a dedicated regulator that adjusts the amount of electrical power delivered to the heating element.


Maximum pressure: 2,500 psi
Maximum temperature: 325°C
Heater: Electrically operated
Wetted parts: stainless steel
Water supply: distilled water