PCL FlowLess Downhole System


To improve the quality and reliability of the logging services and to add an effective well control barrier in Pipe Conveyed Logging operations,  Vinci Technologies have introduced the FlowLess Downhole System that includes the FLLA FlowLess Latching Assembly where a piston-based check valve has been inserted right above the cutout windows and the VTLC-8 Wet Connectors designed to operate in HPHT wells that include an additional conductor connection to ensure good armor-ground continuity. The FLLA can be used with traditional 7-conductor non HPHT wet connectors.  However to benefit from the reliability and enhanced HPHT ratings listed the use of the VTLC-8 wet connectors is required.


Number of electrical contacts : 8
Withstanding voltage : Test : 1000 VDC
                                         Operating : 840 VDC, 
Current : 5 Amps at room temp
                1.7 Amps at 500°F
Electrical Insulation : 10 MOhms at 500°F contact to contact
                                      20 MOhms at 500°F contact to earth
                                      500 GOhms at room temperature
Maximum Operating temperature : from 60°F to 500°F
Maximum Operating pressure :  30,000 PSI
Type of fluids : All types, including salt-saturated up to 300 g/l
Sour atmosphere :  Yes up to 10 % H2S
Maximum Differential pressure rating : 500 bar (7,250 PSI)
Maximum connecting speed of connector : 3 m/s
Compatibility : most of multi-conductor cable heads, custom versions are also supported


* Secures the well
* Reduces the risk of "kicks"
* Allows flow through drill pipe in case of unbalanced well and permits to make logs in smaller sized wells.