SES-Side Entry Sub-system


The SES - Side Entry Sub-system is basically a stuffing box which allows the entry of the  wireline from the outside of the drill pipe to the inside and provides a strong grip for the cable which is subsequently pumped down and connected to the logging tool string.
The maximum differential working pressure of SES is 4350 PSI. The design of Vinci’s SES is such that it provides a low angle (5 deg) for very smooth translation of the cable from the outside thru the SES to the inside and has a big flow bore (2.17” ID) for     better circulation for drilling fluids and better access during fishing operations.


SES max OD : 9’’, 6.77’’, 5’’, 3-3/4’’
SES Flow-Thru Path ID : 2.9’’, 2.17’’,   1.97’’, Not Available
Connection :  6-5/8’’, 5’’,  3-1/2’’, 2-7/8’’


* The SES large flow-through hole allows high circulation rates of drilling fluid and running pipe-recovery or fishing tools at all times
* The SES cable pack-off has been successfully tested at 9,000 psi
* The SES Cable Cutter can be activated at any time by pulling a pre-defined high tension on the cable and it keeps the lower section of the cable attached to the SES after the cut is made
* The SES Cable Cutter performance is independent of the cable strength and condition
* The SES Flapper Valve provides an additional well control barrier while allowing pumping drilling mud or running tools through it