Energy transition Pilot Plants


Manufacturing scientific equipment to develop new processes or improve industrial one has been part of Vinci’s DNA since its foundation in 1968. Vinci’s scientific equipments are focused on improving chemical engineering parameters and catalysis field to reach higher efficiency and performance.  Vinci Technologies is extremely proud to have recently applied this 50+ years of knowledge and experience to current development on Green Energy Transition with different project of Plastic Waste Recycling, CO2 Capture & utilization, Biofuel production and Green Ammonia production. 

Plastic to Liquid technology PtL is a very promising field to take advantage of wastes that are nowadays mainly burn or ends up in a landfill. Vinci technologies has designed very versatile PtL pilot plants based on thermal-catalytic conversion to convert a large range of material, even unsorted plastic waste straight from waste management plant, into valuable liquid hydrocarbon to be fed back to polymer plant as carbon negative raw material.  In addition, Vinci Technologies is developing a pyrolysis pilot plant to process & recycle another promising feedstock waste tyre. 

Co-feeding liquefied biomass (Bio-crude) with conventional feedstock in existing refineries, also known as Co-processing, is a promising option for efficient and smooth energy shift as it allow reducing CO2 emission with minimum technical change to running industrial plant. Bio-crude is  produced by pyrolysis and Liquefaction processes, however its viscosity, level of impurities and oxygen atom make is challenging to handle (fast & severe catalyst deactivation). 

In addition to covering technical improvement to meet bio-crude specificity (viscosity, chemical compatibility, stickiness) Vinci’s Technologies pilot plant for biomass co-processing is handling catalytic activity investigation to develop & demonstrate high activity catalyst for bio-crude. Vinci Technologies Biomass co-processing pilot plant are based on Fluid Catalytic Cracking process (FCC) and  Hydrocracking processes: Slurry phase reactor  & Ebullated bed Reactor. 

Vinci Technologies design and manufactures tailor made pilot plants for Carbon Dioxide Utilization to produce added-value chemical methanol, DME, etc. or liquid hydrocarbons gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, etc.  Feeding Vinci’s technologies pilot plant with green H2, generated by electrolysis using renewable electricity, and Captured CO2 from an industrial emission leads to sustainable & carbon neutral E-chemical  and E- fuel.  Vinci Technologies provides state of the art modular equipment to investigate & demonstrate performance of CO2 hydrogenation technology. 

In addition, Vinci Technologies is developing a pilot plant focused on the 1st step of CCU Technology: Carbon Capture.  Vinci Technologies design is based on Calcium looping technology, a process very suitable to large carbon dioxide emitter such as cement industry. 

Ammonia is produced in large quantities worldwide by agrochemistry industries but uses natural gas or other fossil fuels to provide both the hydrogen feedstock and the energy to power the synthesis process. As a result, ammonia production by these methods releases almost 1.5% of global CO₂ emissions. Vinci Technologies design and manufactures tailor made pilot plants devoted to Green Ammonia formation to demonstrate that when produced sustainably from renewable source (wind, solar, water & air)  ammonia  can become an emission-free green fuel or be used as energy storage and carrier (practical hydrogen energy vector).