SDS-Solid Detection System


This device is designed to detect when the organic deposition takes place, in other words it measures the onset conditions of live oil precipitation. The instrument is based on the transmittance of a low intensity laser light through fiber optic transmission probes mounted across a windowed cell. The instrument is composed of an optic source to generate the signal crossing the fluid, a power meter to measure the attenuated signal , two fiber optic transmission probes and a data acquisition software used to record the system pressure, temperature, solvent flow rate and the power of the transmitted light. The SDS can be used with different Vinci instruments such Fluid-Eval, Flass, FT700...


Pressure: up to 20,000 psi
Temperature range: ambient to 200°C (400°F)
Laser power: 250 mwatts
Wavelength: Near infrared
Detector sensitivity: 1 pWatt
Dynamic range: 100 dB


* Extreme accuracy at high pressure and temperature
* Sample is always at pressure and temperature during the experiment