OSD-Organic Solid Filter


The organic solid filter is connected to the PVT cell and is used to determine the amount of solids formed in the fluid sample when altering the pressure, temperature or composition of the fluid. The instrument uses a filtration method to isolate and remove the solids from the fluid for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Typically, the fluid sample is mixed with a solvent or equilibrated at temperature or pressure sufficient to induce solid precipitation. The solids are then isolated at temperature and pressure and brought to ambient conditions. The total mass of precipitated solid is then measured. The solids are also analysed to obtain the property and compositional information. The device is composed of a high pressure, high temperature stainless steel filter holder using filter disc to retain the solid particles. The fluid sample is transferred from the PVT cell to the floating piston accumulator through the filter at controlled pressure and flow rate. Different range of filter size are given along with the filter.


Max pressure : 15,000 psi or 20,000 psi
Max temperature : 200 °C
Material : Stainless steel
Filter size range (mm ) : 0.02 - 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.45 - 1 - 3 (pack of 50)


* Easy to dismount