KINETIC EVAL-Hydrates Kinetics Studies System


A complete mercury-free instrument dedicated to gas hydrate kinetics studies. Specifically, the device allows the evaluation of parameters such as induction time and post-nucleation growth rate. It is also used to assess inhibitor kinetics for a diverse range of inhibitors (hydrates, anti-caking, emulsion, natural inhibitors, salts…). The system consists of a 250 cc isochoric hydrate cell rated up to 5,000 psi. The cell temperature, monitored by a thermocouple accurate to 0.1°C, is regulated by a thermostatic bath and cell pressure is surveilled by a highly accurate transducer. A magnetically driven, speed-adjustable stirrer ensures a thorough and efficient agitation. The torque required to drive the stirrer at a constant, preset speed is measured and utilized to deduce the sample’s viscosity.


Pressure : 5,000 psi
Volume : 250 cc
Temperature : - 10°C to 100°C
Pressure accuracy : 0,1% Full scale
Temperature accuracy : 0.1 °C
Stirring mechanism : Magnetic drive
Power supply : 220 VAC 50/60 Hz


* Very efficient stirrer with torque measurement
* Can be used to evaluate anti-caking inhibitors
* Accurate torque, pressure and temperature measurements
* Mercury free operations