FLASS-Flow Assurance System


The Flass analyser allows for complete oil PVT studies and a variety of asphaltenes and wax solid deposition experiments including constant mass expansion, differential vaporisation, separator test, swelling tests, isothermal depressurization and isobaric temperature decrease experiments, titration experiments, bulk filtration tests, particle size distributions and solids onset determinations. The system features a PVT cell set up so that CME, bubble point and PVT experimentation on oil sample is possible. It also includes a Solid detection system used to detect when the organic deposition takes place. A High pressure microscope permits to visualise accurately the Wax and Asphaltenes precipitation at onset conditions, identify the solid particles and monitor the change in size and morphology of Wax crystals and Asphaltenes solids as function of temperature, pressure, time and effect of various chemical treatments. The amount of solids formed in the fluid sample when altering the pressure, temperature or composition of the fluid can also be determined using the HP HT organic solid filtration system.


Pressure range: up to 15,000 psi
Temperature range:  Ambient to 200°C (cooling option: -20°C)
Volume:  up to 200 cc
Wetted material:  Stainless steel, sapphire.


* Multi analysis system (Phase behaviour studies and complete solid deposition experiments)
* Full description of the asphatenes precipitation (pressure, temperature, growth, morphology,..)