VISUAL SCALEVAL-Visual scale tester


The visual Scaleval evaluates scale deposition and inhibitor performance in an incompatible brine mixture while controlling pH. Indeed, in the Visual Scale Tester, the brines can be saturated with gases (CO2, Nitrogen) and the gas partial pressures controlled to achieve the desired pH level. The latter being a key factor in scale deposition, the Visual Scale Tester truly provides an accurate production representative scale deposition environment. The apparatus determines inhibitor efficiency from two phenomena: scale precipitation and scale deposition, achieved via a visual mixing cell and a capillary coil respectively. Scaling is attained from a coetaneous injection of incompatible brines (e.g. different salinities) followed by the injection of various possible solutions including those mentioned above. In addition to basic scale inhibitor testing, the device adequately mimics field conditions and can help to optimize the conflicting corrosion and scale control objectives. The mixing cell will allow the visualization of scaling and/or gunking, whereas the capillary coil will indicate deposition onset and rate, from pressure drop monitoring.


Pressure: up to 10,000 psi
Fluid flow rate: up to 50 ml/min
Temperature: up to 200°C
Temperature accuracy: 0.1 °C
Pressure accuracy: 0.1% FS
Material: Hastelloy
N2 requirement: 2,000 psi
CO2 requirement: 600 psi
Power supply:  220 VAC - 50/60 Hz


* pH adjustment via CO2 partial pressure control
* Visual cell to observe both scaling and gunking
* Qualification of scale inhibitor performance in the presence of corrosion inhibitors