FSV-series Floor stand stirred pressure vessel


The FTC series cell is a critical component of the Vinci Solid Detection System which identifies the presence of solid particles (asphaltenes and paraffins) in hydrocarbon samples under realistic production conditions, i.e. pressure, temperature and shear. The cells are mostly used in deposition flow loops to investigate the effects of flow rate, inhibitor concentration, temperature and pressure on solid precipitation and deposition. The cell can be described as a pressure vessel equipped with fluid inlet and outlet axial ports and two lateral ports to mount the SDS’s optical fibers.


Model Volume (liter) Presssure (psi) Wetted parts Weight (kg)
FSV 50-30-S 50 3,000 Stainless steel 350
FSV 50-30-H 50 3,000 Hastelloy 450

Temperature range: up to 150°C
Stirring speed:
up to 200 RPM
Fluid viscosity:
10,000 cP
Gasket material:
Inlet and outlet connections:
1inch (other upon request)
110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

: Other features can be added to the design upon end user's request


* Efficient stirring of large volumes of liquid under extreme pressure and temperature conditions * Heavy duty magnetically driven stirrer
* Corrosion-free wetted parts