VISUAL FLUIDEVAL-Hydrates HPHT visual cell


The Visual 300 Fluid-Eval is specifically designed for reservoir-condition, thermodynamic and phase behaviour studies of multiphase hydrocarbon samples, i.e. black oil, gas condensates, swelling tests, gas hydrates and supercritical fluids. By virtue of a see-through sapphire end-cap, the device offers full sample visibility during experiments. The system utilizes an embedded high-pressure pump to control and monitor the fluid’s pressure and volume within the cell. A single cell is employed for both oil and gas condensates studies. For oil studies, the cell is in the upright position whereas for gas condensate studies, it is inverted to maximize the dew point detection efficiency. The cell is equipped with pressure and temperature sensors, electrical heating system, high-torque magnetically driven stirrer and a video camera to monitor through the sapphire window, the sample behaviour. The apparatus also encompasses a temperature jacket connected to a thermostatic bath to perform sub-ambient temperature-controlled experiments.


Pressure : 10,000 psi 
Temperature : -20°C to 200°C (400 °F)  
Temperature regulation : ± 0.5 oC
Cell volume : 300 cc 
Volume accuracy : 0.01 ml
Pressure accuracy : 0,01% Full scale
Liquid deposit accuracy : ± 0.01 ml
Stirring mechanism : Magnetic drive
Power supply : 220 VAC 50 Hz


* Accurate volume, pressure and temperature measurements
* Full sample visibility during experiments
* Very efficient stirrer