HPM-High Pressure Microscope


The HPM is designed to accurately visualise the onset of wax and asphaltene precipitation for pressure and temperature conditions of up to 15,000 psi and 200°C, respectively. The HPM can not only detect solid particles but also monitor physical variations of wax crystals and asphaltene solids with changing pressure, temperature, time and chemical inhibitors. The fluid under consideration is homogenized at the desired conditions in an external PVT cell, the fluid is simultaneously depressurized and extracted from the HPM cell at specified, constant pressure and flow rates. The high resolution HPM camera records the flow, and results such as particle size distribution can be interpreted by the provided Vinci software. The HPM system can be delivered either as a stand-alone system or as an add-on module to the Fluid Eval system.


Pressure range : Ambient to 15,000 psi
Temperature range : ambient to 200°C 
Particle size detection : from 0.2 µm
Wetted material : Stainless steel, sapphire
Microscope zoom : up to x 5000


* Can be connected to any End user's PVT cell
* Provides visual definition of the types of solids present in the sample
* Permits to directly observe the onset and growth of organic solid precipitates at pressure and temperature
* Provided with interpretation facilities