Automated asphaltene extractor - ASTM D6560, IP143 and NF 60115


N-heptane titration of asphaltene in petroleum fluids is described by ASTM D6560, IP143 and NF 60115 standards. Conventional methods are very time consuming, lack accuracy and require continuous supervision throughout the experiment. The Vinci automated asphaltene extractor is an innovative automated instrument which greatly improves the reliability of the ASTM/IP/NF procedures due to its impressive repeatability and accuracy. Additional advantages include rapid measurements and an almost fully automated operation.


Minimum sample weigh: 1 gram
Toluene volume: 1 liter
N-heptane volume: 1 liter
Max temperature: 110 °C
Material: glass
Particle pore retention: 0.8µm
Electrical: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 phase
N2 requirement: 30 psi


* Process simplification as the measurement is faster and automated, in accordance with ASTM D6560-IP143
* Great repeatability <= 5% Wt.
* Extreme filtration (detection threshold at 0.3% Wt.)
* Hermetic enclosure (no toxic emissions, no loss of sample material)
* Low solvent consumption as it can be recycled