GADIS-Gas adsorption Isotherm System


The GADIS determines the adsorption isotherm for a combination of adsorbate (e.g. methane, CO2,) and adsorbent (coal, shale etc.). In other words, the system evaluates at equilibrium, the maximum volume of gas adsorbed onto an adsorbent, at a specific temperature and pressure. The latter is achieved by means of the isothermal volumetric method in which the pressures and volumes of a reference and test cell held at constant temperature, are continuously monitored. The apparatus is fully automated, allowing computer-controlled gas injection, pressure monitoring and data acquisition. Up to four testing chambers can be integrated into the system to allow simultaneous and independent testing.


Max pressure: 10,000 psi
Max temperature:  175 °C
Sample cell volume:  100 ml
Reference cell volume: 300 ml
Material:  Stainless steel
Test gas supply: 3,000 psi
Helium gas supply: 3,000 psi
Required air: 100 psi
Power supply:  110-220 VAC, 50 60 Hz


* Fully automated test
* The system can be configured with two sample cells or multiple samples
* Easy to use