DECAN-Desorption canister


The DECAN system determines the amount of gas contained in a coal or shale core sample by means of a desorption process. The apparatus follows the guidelines described in the standard practice ASTM D7569/D7569M; a direct desorption in which the released gas volume is monitored over time. Immediately after coring coal or shale rock, a sample is inserted into a hermetic canister to measure gas evolution over time equivalent to the amount of contained gas. The DECAN system allows desorption at reservoir temperature by placing the canister in an electric thermostatic bath. Whole core desorption canisters can also be utilized with cuttings.


Canister diameter: 5 inches  (other upon request)
Canister length: 12 inches  (other upon request)
Specimen diameter: up to 4.5 inches
Specimen length: 12 inches
Max temperature:  100 °C (212° F)
Wetted parts:  Stainless steel
Max pressure: 20 psi
Power supply:  110 V / 60 Hz or 220 VAC / 50 Hz


* Desorption at reservoir temperature
* Easy to use