FCC-Catalyst Deactivation Unit

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The Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units without any doubt belong to the most important refinery technologies. At the heart of FCC units are the catalysts themselves. The investigation and development of active and stable FCC catalysts is crucial. Vinci technologies designs and manufactures efficient and user friendly equipment to investigate activities of FCC catalyst at laboratory scale. The Vinci Technologies FCC catalyst Deactivation unit is a fully automatic lab-scale reaction system designed to evaluate FCC catalyst deactivation.

Several configurations are available:
* Hydrothermal Deactivation / steam - ASTM D4463
*  Mitchel Metal Impregnation - MM
* Cyclic Metal Impregnation –CMI
* Cyclic Propylene Steaming - ASTM D7206


Units are designed in fully compliance with ASTM methods D4463 and D7206.


* Fabrication quality
* User-friendly interface
* Proven and robust design
* Compact equipment
* Easy maintenance