HTU-High Throughput testing Unit

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The HTU - High Throughput testing Unit is a 4-reactors system devoted to efficient catalyst screening as well as model compounds reactions, up to C12 (max boiling point 150°C). The four reactors are operated at same temperature and pressure, and fed with common gas and liquid feeding lines. The system can be connected to a micro-GC for rapid on-line analysis. The proposed 4-reactor system is fully automated for safe and reliable operation 24hr-7days. Recipes are programmed in the control system to allow automatic tests: programmed heating ramps and on-line analysis, programmed reactants injection for identical life time.


The reactor system comes complete with the following components:
* Feed injection modules (gas and liquids)
* Reactor/oven modules
* Gas/liquid product separation modules
* On-line analysis module
* Electrical cabinet and interconnection cables
* Control and data acquisition system
*  Safety devices


* Fabrication quality
* User-friendly interface
* Proven and robust design
* Compact equipment
* Easy maintenance