CTV- Catalyst Testing Versatile unit

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The Vinci-Technologies Catalyst Testing Versatile unit (CTV) respects very high level standards in terms of reliability, reproducibility, flexibility and safety. This unit is particularly relevant for an extended range of catalytic heterogeneous reactions occurring at conditions up to 550°C and 200 bars, and allow collecting industrially relevant and reliable data on catalyst performances, mainly: activity, selectivity to desired products, time stability, response to inhibitors, response to poisons, effect of activation (reduction, sulfidation).

In order to answer its customer process development purposes, Vinci-Technologies offers computerized and fully automatic CTV to match client versatile needs. This equipment is relevant to be used in a large variety of industries (refining, petrochemicals …) and allows to cover a wide range of applications like kinetic studies, process evaluation, process modelization, stability tests of catalysts or adsorbents …  Almost all catalytic processes regarding crude oil refining such as: dehydrogenation, hydrogenation, hydrocracking, hydrotreatment, hydroformulation, reforming, partial oxidation, isomerization, etc… can be extensively investigated with CTV.

The device includes  a gas feed section (HP H2 and LP N2 ), a liquid feed section (2 tanks, 1 pump), a reaction section (various reactors sizes available, either fixed bed or CSTR), a liquid / gas separation section and a product recovery section. It’s a fully automatic unit in order to operate in a continuous mode (24hr/7d). Supervision software offers a user-friendly interface to safely control and monitor all process parameters.


Fixed bed reactor catalyst capacity : 50ml, , 100ml, 200ml, or higher upon request
Reactor capacity : 0.5l, 1l, 2l
Data export  : to spreadsheet and database
Dimensions : Height: 2m, Large: 1.4m, Depth: 0.8m

Air instrument : air type fitting max 6 bars
Cooling water : ¼” NPT
Power : 50 or 60 Hz, one or three phases


* Flexibility and number of options
* Fabrication quality
* Fully automatic unit* User-friendly interface
* Full data recovery on Excel
* Proven and robust design
* Compact equipment
* Easy maintenance (quick connections)