PVD20 EB: E-beam Evaporation (Ebeam, E-gun)


The PVD20 stands as a paragon of modular and cost-efficient physical vapor deposition technology, featuring a distinctive D-shaped chamber designed for the thermal evaporation of a broad spectrum of metals and semiconductor materials. This fully automated industrial scale solution is ideally suited for small batch production within R&D environments, offering unparalleled precision and flexibility. The PVD20-EB model, highlighted by its rotatable E-gun equipped for either four/six or eight hearths with capacities ranging from 8/12/20/25cc. The process chamber can be fitted with a load lock to enhance efficiency and throughput. Its effectiveness in propelling nanoscience research has been spotlighted in a scientific report from Tel Aviv University, demonstrating its prowess in electron beam evaporation and thin-film deposition.


* High Vacuum Capability: Standard system achieves a vacuum base pressure in the 10^-7 mbar range or better within the vacuum chamber, ensuring a pristine and high-quality deposition environment. Enhanced system will reach 10^-8 mbar range with either Load Lock or Cryo pump configuration.

* D-Shaped Steel Vacuum Chamber: Range of chamber diameters starting at 500 mm – double shelled with integrated water cooling for stable process pressure control and low contamination. Option for load locks for rapid sample throughput and maintaining high vacuum conditions.

* Large Substrate Accommodation: Handles multiple substrates sizes – single wafers or bars, planetary or dome sample platens, offering versatility for diverse project needs, from semiconductors, telecommunications, photonics to advanced material research.

* Advanced Electron Beam Source: Rotatable E-gun equipped for either four/six or eight hearths with capacities ranging from 8/12/20/25cc ebeam source allows for precise vacuum metal deposition of metals and semiconductors such as Si, Al, Al2O3, Cr, W, Pt, NiCr, Au, Ag etc.

* Efficient pumping Group: A secured turbomolecular or cryo-pumping group facilitates rapid vacuum recovery and short pumping cycles, optimizing throughput for physical vapor deposition.

* Gas Panel: Comes equipped with a gas panel for argon or oxygen dry etch to enhance thin film coating quality through sputtering processes.

* Optimized Substrate Holder: Features a tailored substrate holder, ensuring uniform temperature management crucial for thin film deposition. Options for heating, cooling, in-plane rotation, off-axis rotation, dual-faced coating rotation.

* Easy Maintenance Access: A full-access front door simplifies maintenance, enhancing usability and reducing downtime in semiconductor equipment.

* Load-Lock Chamber: Option to add a load lock chamber with option for RF plasma pre-cleaning or multi storage cassette, streamlining substrate preparation for e beam evaporation.

* Precise Deposition Rate Control: Accurate control over deposition rates enables the creation of complex multi-layer structures with high precision, ideal for physical vapor deposition coating.

* Comprehensive System Supervision: Allows for complete oversight of the system, including pumping, venting, and the execution of complex recipes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for vacuum chamber management. Device securities are managed via program logic interface (PLC), independent of GUI supervision software for optimised system safety bolstering electron beam evaporation efficiency.


* Versatility and Precision: Designed for a wide range of materials, the PVD20 system is optimal for research environments aiming to pioneer thin-film deposition technologies.

* Increased Throughput: Automated features and an efficient load lock significantly cut preparation time, elevating productivity for physical vapor deposition projects.

* High-Quality Results: Advanced vacuum and deposition rate control ensure the highest quality in deposited films, key for cutting-edge research in ebeam and e gun technologies.

* Ease of Use and Maintenance: Focusing on user-friendliness and low maintenance, the system is accessible to operators of varying skill levels, enhancing semiconductor equipment usability.

* Research-Driven Design: The PVD20's proven efficacy in advancing nanotechnology and material science projects is backed by scientific research, marking it a crucial tool for thermal evaporation studies.

The PVD20 Physical Vapor Deposition System is a cutting-edge solution for laboratories and research facilities striving to excel in the development of advanced materials. Its blend of automation, precision, and versatility renders it an invaluable asset for pushing the boundaries of nanoscience and technology, emphasizing its role in vacuum chamber, ebeam, and physical vapor deposition advancements.