PVD20 H: Ebeam & Thermal Evaporation & Sputtering


The PVD20 H system represents the apex of physical vapor deposition technology, ingeniously integrating Ebeam (or E gun) evaporation, thermal evaporation, and magnetron sputtering within a singular platform. Engineered to meet the complex demands of today's semiconductor equipment, surface and coatings technology, and 3D batteries development, this system offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for a vast range of thin film deposition projects, specifically for R&D labs. Its design ensures optimal vacuum chamber conditions, supported by load locks for enhanced throughput, making it an indispensable tool for cutting-edge material science research.


* Deposition Technology: Intelligently engineered to combine a certain number of sources on one platform from the following list - Ebeam evaporation, thermal evaporation, and magnetron sputtering, offering a comprehensive solution for physical vapor deposition.

* Advanced Substrate Handling: Equipped with a 6-inch diameter sample holder, featuring options for rotation, tilt, heating of 350, 650 or 850°C, and cooling. This ensures precise control over deposition conditions, crucial for vacuum metal deposition and anti-reflecting coatings.

* Ultra-High Vacuum Environment: Achieves base pressures down to 10-8 mbar in the vacuum chamber, thanks to a robust turbo pump and optional cryo pumping group, ensuring clean and high-quality deposition essential for vacuum evaporator applications.

* Intuitive Process Control: Comes with user-friendly software for sophisticated process supervision, enabling precise control over deposition rates, crucial for physical vapor deposition coating and thin film deposition.

* Customizable System Configuration: Offers a modular design with optional load lock, RF plasma pre-cleaning, and quartz microbalance for thickness monitoring, tailoring the system to specific research needs in surface and coatings technology and semiconductor equipment.


* Wide Range of Material Compatibility: Ideal for depositing an extensive array of materials with high precision, supporting diverse research endeavours from 3D batteries to semiconductor equipment.

* Exceptional Film Quality: Delivers outstanding film uniformity and compositional accuracy, key for thermal evaporation and vacuum metal deposition processes.

* Increased Operational Efficiency: Automated features and efficient process management significantly reduce preparation time, enhancing productivity for physical vapor deposition projects.

* Dedicated to Research Excellence: Tailored to meet the needs of R&D laboratories, providing a scalable and high-performance solution for thin film deposition and physical vapor deposition coating.

The PVD20 H system is a testament to Vinci Technologies’ dedication to empowering researchers with advanced tools for exploring new frontiers in surface and coatings technology, semiconductor equipment, and beyond. By offering a sophisticated platform that accommodates Ebeam evaporation, thermal evaporation, and sputtering, this system sets a new benchmark for flexibility, performance, and ease of use in the field of physical vapor deposition.