PVD6 S: Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System


The PVD6 S system, a cornerstone in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, specializes in the magnetron sputtering process, making it an ideal tool for the creation of thin film coatings and optical coatings. With the capability to incorporate up to 6 sources (2” or 3"), this versatile system meets the rigorous demands of laboratories focusing on advancements in 3D batteries, anti-reflecting surfaces, and surface & coatings technology. Its evolutionary design emphasizes simplicity and cost-effectiveness, without compromising on quality or performance. The option to include a load lock significantly enhances the system's efficiency, allowing it to reach a vacuum chamber base pressure in the 10-8 mbar range, thus reducing preparation time and increasing throughput.

The System Mainly Includes:

* Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber: A robust 500 mm diameter chamber, with option for load locks for rapid sample throughput and enhanced physical vapor deposition efficiency.

* Substrate Flexibility: Accommodates substrates up to 6’’ in diameter, with options for rotation, heating, and cooling—essential for sputter coating applications requiring precise surface and coatings technology control.

* Multiple Sputtering Sources: Up to 6 sputtering sources (2” or 3" confocal and/or planar) with pneumatic shutters, catering to a diverse range of materials for magnetron sputtering.

* Advanced Power Supplies: RF, DC, or DC Pulsed source power supplies are available, allowing for versatile sputter coater operations across different materials and deposition techniques.

* Turbo Pumping Group: Ensures a high-performance vacuum chamber environment, crucial for achieving optimal physical vapor deposition conditions.


* Thickness Homogeneity: Maintains ± 5% homogeneity, critical for uniform thin film coating and optical coating applications.

* Deposition Rate Precision: Offers a deposition rate reading precision of down to 0.01 A on option, facilitating fine control over the magnetron sputtering process.

* High Vacuum Capability: Achieves a vacuum base pressure of 10-8 mbar, ideal for the deposition of high-purity films in applications such as 3D batteries and anti-reflecting layers.

* Comprehensive System Supervision: Allows for complete oversight of the system, including pumping, venting, and the execution of complex recipes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for vacuum chamber Device securities are managed via program logic interface (PLC), independent of GUI supervision software for optimised system safety.


* Versatility for Research Applications: The PVD6 S is adept at supporting a wide array of research fields, from semiconductor equipment to optical coatings, providing the flexibility needed for innovative surface and coatings technology.

* Increased System Throughput: The optional load lock feature significantly cuts down on sample preparation times, enhancing the efficiency of physical vapor deposition processes.

* User-Friendly and Efficient: Designed for easy operation and maintenance, this system is accessible to operators of all skill levels, facilitating cutting-edge research in magnetron sputtering and thin film deposition.

The PVD6 S Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System stands as a testament to Vinci Technologies' dedication to propelling the field of physical vapor deposition forward. Offering unmatched precision, flexibility, and efficiency, the PVD6 S system is engineered to meet and exceed the diverse and demanding needs of research laboratories worldwide, pushing the boundaries of thin film technology.