QHV4-Rapid Helium Permeameter

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The QHV4 - Rapid Helium Permeameter is the first in a series of instruments aimed at testing the permeability of high and ultra high barrier materials. The apparatus is an industrialized patented permeation system from the Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA) in France. The system combines a high vacuum chamber with a mass spectrometer for precise and accurate measurements of the diffused gas through the barrier film. Partial pressures of the probe gas is equated to the Transmission Rate.
The system uses Helium, with its small molecular radius, to rapidly determine the permeability of gas barrier foils. Helium transmission rate measurement is a suitable method to evaluate and control gas barrier  properties of single or multilayer films that have very low water vapor diffusion rates beyond 10-3 g/m² d. Commonly used PET films have a He Transmission Rate that is up to 500 times superior to the WVTR in the same film. Typical measurement times using the WVTR approach can hence be reduced from weeks or months (typical transient state duration for high gas materials) to minutes or hours by using Helium.


Measurement Range : down to 10-13 mbar.l.s-1
Typical Measurement time : 10 secs. to several minutes
Gas probe : Helium
Detection : Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA)
Temperature Range : 0 – 65 °C +/-0.1° C
Sample size : 60 to 65 mm diameter
Sample Thickness : 10 to 500 micro-meters
System dimensions : 800 * 1279 * 560 mm


* Measurement stabilization in a matter of minutes
* Diffusion coefficient determined from Time Lag
* Determination of Barrier Improvement Factor (BIF): critical thickness & optimum stack architecture