PVD4+ SU: Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System


The PVD4+ SU system stands as a pinnacle of Magnetron Sputtering technology, ingeniously designed to meet the sophisticated demands of modern research and development laboratories. Prioritizing both versatility and cost-efficiency, it boasts a contemporary interface that simplifies operation for a multi-user environment. Capable of accommodating up to 4 x 2’’ or 3 x 3” cathodes, the PVD4+ SU is extraordinarily adaptable, supporting a wide array of sputtering applications essential for 3D batteries, optical coating, and anti-reflecting layers among other semiconductor applications. Its design not only ensures ease of operation but also maintains performance excellence and quality, positioning it as an optimal solution for innovative material deposition endeavors.


* Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering: Supports up to 4 x 2’’ or 3 x 3” cathodes, enabling unparalleled versatility in the deposition of materials crucial for physical vapor deposition and surface and coatings technology.

* Advanced Substrate Handling: Accommodates substrates up to 6” in diameter, with optional integrated water cooling which prevents overheating of the thin film embedded layers, crucial for maintaining optimal magnetron sputtering performance. For ultimate vacuum performance, the process chamber can be maintained under constant vacuum by adding a compact load lock for sample transfer.

* Modular and Compact Design: Crafted for easy integration into clean rooms, enhancing magnetron sputtering efficiency with load lock compatibility for streamlined sample throughput.

* High-Performance Vacuum System: Achieves base pressures in the 10-7 to 10-8 mbar range with a robust turbo pump, ensuring a pristine environment for physical vapor deposition.


* Broad Application Scope: Its flexibility enables exploration across various domains, including 3D batteries and optical coatings, making it a prime choice for cutting-edge research.

* Operational Excellence: Features user-friendly automation software, facilitating precise control over magnetron sputtering and sputter coater processes, enhancing surface and coatings technology research.

* Research-Driven Results: Achieves precision in deposition rate and thickness control, essential for developing high-quality materials and devices, particularly in anti-reflecting and thin film coating applications.

* Reliability and User Satisfaction: Endorsed by users in both academic and research sectors for its reliability and ease of use, the PVD4+ SU exemplifies Vinci Technologies' commitment to quality and innovation in physical vapor deposition systems.

The PVD4+ SU system excels as a top-tier choice for laboratories dedicated to advancing in material science, semiconductor research, and beyond. Its combination of state-of-the-art features and straightforward operation illustrates Vinci Technologies' pledge to foster innovation and quality in physical vapor deposition technologies.