Cluster Transfer System for Ultrahigh Vacuum


The Cluster Transfer System is Vinci Technology’s practical solution for Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) applications, suitable for research facilities looking to streamline their sample processing. Designed with a focus on ease of use and cost-effectiveness, this system features a rotary telescopic transfer arm that facilitates the smooth automated transfer of samples between chambers. Its compatibility with Vinci’s Linear Transfer Tunnel means that loading and distributing wafers and sample platens to various systems within a facility is straightforward and efficient. The system is available in two models, Vinci DC-8 and Vinci DC-4 regarding the number of connection ports, each offering a compact design that makes smart use of laboratory space.


* Versatile Transfer Arm: The system includes a motorized rotary telescopic transfer arm, allowing easy movement of samples from one vacuum chamber to another.

* Ultrahigh Vacuum Conditions: Achieves ultrahigh vacuum levels down to 5 E 10-10 mbar, supported by ion pumps, ensuring an optimal environment for sensitive experiments. High vacuum version also exists with base pressure 5 E 10-8 mbar using turbomolecular pumping.

* Customizable Options: With models featuring 4 and 8 ports, the system offers flexibility to accommodate different semiconductor equipment setups.

* Efficient Sample Handling: Capable of supporting bare wafers and sample platens, with load locks to minimize contamination and enhance throughput.

* Durable and Compact: Built from quality materials for long-term durability, its compact design helps optimize laboratory space without compromising functionality.


* Streamlined Workflow: Simplifies the handling and distribution of samples, significantly reducing preparation time thanks to its load lock and load locks system.

* Enhanced Vacuum Performance: The system’s ability to maintain ultrahigh vacuum conditions, crucial for high-quality results in semiconductor research and other applications.

* Adaptability: Whether for growth, analysis, or other material processing tasks, its versatility makes it an excellent addition to any lab focused on UHV applications.

* Space-Saving: Its thoughtful design means it fits well in labs with limited space, providing a high degree of functionality.

* User-Friendly: Designed to be easy to operate, allowing researchers to focus on their work without worrying about complex equipment setup.

The Cluster Transfer System for Ultrahigh Vacuum from Vinci Technology is a straightforward, efficient solution for research facilities aiming to enhance their UHV capabilities. Offering flexibility, reliability, and a focus on user experience, it stands as a valuable tool for advancing research in material science and beyond