PLD 950-Eight targets Pulsed Laser Deposition System

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Synthesis of complex materials & crystalline structures is a ever growing request from research & development. The Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technique provides an intelligent to such requirements . It is a versatile  coating technique that allows the growth of various materials such as nitrides, oxides, super lattices, polymers, composites.. With over 30 years experience in vacuum and UHV, Vinci Technologies / Meca2000 provides tailored solutions to customer requirements with the laser-MBE system. This configuration adapts to a large field of growth parameters. For example, process pressure ranges from 10-10 to hundreds of mbar. Flexible and evolving, this PLD equipment consists of a chamber with ports for process and characterization. This system is compatible with 2-inch samples. The UHV & dry pumping design prevent the deposited films from contamination by external sources of pollution. Samples can be transferred from load-lock chamber or from the UHV transfer tunnel like Meca 2000 Mecatrans.


* Reactive or UHV Pulsed Laser Deposition capability
* RF plasma source
* 5-axis target holder (4 targets or 8 upon request)
* Transferable 2-inch substrate and target holders
* Oxygen-resistant 950°C
* 2’’ sample holder
* 10-10 mbar chamber
* Turbo molecular, ion & titanium sublimation pumping
* Ports for in-situ characterization
* High pressure RHEED
* Quick maintenance of laser window
* Load lock chamber
* Transfer tunnel compatibility
* Evolutionary system