Plastic-to-liquid Pilot Plant

The PtL plastic to liquid pilot plant allows investigations to be conducted on plastic waste upcycling. PtL is a thermal or thermocatalytic conversion of plastic waste into valuable liquid phase (low sulfur hydrocarbon). PtL shows low sensitivity to plastic nature, all type of plastic could be use as single source or multisource mixture. The technology description is quite basic, plastic wastes are heated and breakdown into smaller molecule. Catalyst can be added to specifically increase production of small molecule. Catalyst addition can be done directly in pyrolysis reactor or in 2nd reactor located downstream. PtL pilot plant manufactured by Vinci Technologies can be fitted with different type of reactor: Fluidized bed reactor, Conical spouted bed reactor, Rotary reactor, etc.  

The PtL pilot plant can be briefly described by:

• an accurate plastic waste introduction module
• an accurate catalyst introduction module  
• a high temperature reaction module (Fluidized Bed reactor, spouted bed reactor, rotary reactor, etc.) where plastic wastes are  converted into valuable smaller compounds 
• a solid separation module where solid particles (ash, catalyst, etc.) are efficiently separated and recovered 
• Product separation module where liquid and gas are separated, recovered, characterize and send to storage vessel.

Vinci Technologies provides stat of the art testing tools to investigate operation and performance of new high efficient catalysts capable of plastic waste chemical upcyling. Thanks to Vinci Technologies versatile design, accurate catalyst activity investigation can be carried out, to optimize development active and selective catalyst.