Quantify the organic carbon content of soils for a better fertility thanks to the new Rock Eval 7

The Rock-Eval is particularly interesting for the study of soils, with the quantification and characterization of the one part of the hydrocarbon pollutants of the soils and of the other part of the organic matter of the soils. This organic matter in soils is a key factor in their fertility and it plays an important role in climate regulation by sequestering carbon from atmospheric CO2. The Rock-Eval makes it possible to quickly quantify the organic carbon content of soils.


The international 4 per 1000

The international "4 per 1000" initiative, launched by France on December 1, 2015 during COP 21, involves bringing together all voluntary public and private actors (States, communities, companies, professional organizations, NGOs, research…) within the framework of the Lima-Paris Action Plan, to show that agriculture, and in particular agricultural soils, can play a crucial role for food security and climate change. Below is a link explaining the 4/1000 principle: 4 per 1000

The Rock-Eval provides information on the bio-geo-chemical stability of Organic Carbon in soils. We can therefore determine, more precisely than with any other method, the quantity of Carbon that will be mineralized. This makes it possible to determine the inputs of Carbon, and to predict the evolution of Carbon stocks. It is therefore interesting within the framework of the 4 per 1000 project. We think that it also makes it possible to determine if Carbon is usable by the biology of the soil and whether Organic Soil Carbon


Rating of agricultural land

With the measurement of the Carbon Index of agricultural land, the Rock-Eval is involved in the scoring of soils for eco-responsible agriculture. This intelligent notation makes it possible to define:

  • Fertility, to minimize the use of chemicals
  • Resistance, to know if the agricultural practices used are the right ones
  • Resilience to climate change
  • Eroding intergity


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