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Company profile

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Welcome to Vinci Technologies.

Vinci’s origins began with the manufacturing of highly specialized laboratory and field instruments. Throughout this history, Vinci has continuously invested heavily into R&D, supporting the evolution of our core client industries while adapting and developing new instruments to address emerging challenges - carbon footprint, environment, and global awareness. Today, Vinci has evolved and transferred our legacy for cutting edge expertise and technology to provide laboratory instruments and sensors across all high tech industries- chemicals, health, civil engineering, and materials. For example, in 2008, Vinci found an opportunity to fill the needs of the growing Ultra High Vacuum sector by acquiring the French leader, MECA2000.


The management team: Stephane Legrand, Georges Constantinou and Renaud Presberg (from left to right)


A global organization to support worldwide customers :

We have strategically located support for our clients across three continents, with manufacturing and research capabilities headquartered in Paris, France, and subsidiaries in the US and India. We maintain a worldwide focus by utilizing our expertise to support research programs such as carbon analysis for agriculture and climate change. Contracts are carried out directly from our Headquarters in France, our subsidiaries in USA and India, or via our global network of exclusive partnerships. Our dedicated team of service engineers has the experience to meet international codes and requirements regardless of the location, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Acces to Vinci technologies

We welcome visitors to headquarters in France. Our doors are always open for guided visits of the manufacturing, workshops and laboratories. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate our technology and expertise, and if needed our experts can provide detailed, technical reviews of your requirements.

Directions :

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About us.

Four business units:

Vinci segregates into four core businesses:

  • Rocks and Fluids
  •  Geophysics
  • Pilot Plants
  • Vacuum deposition

    Vinci Technologies is a privately held entity, shares held by its employees and private equities.  We are scientists at heart, with extensive expertise in product design and manufacturing. Our scope of solutions ranges from highly sensitive, intricate laboratory instruments to heavy duty, yet precise field equipment. Our close ties with industries, universities, and renowned research institutes allows us to continuously develop and bring to market pioneering technologies. Vinci has always sought sources of collaboration to industrialize its innovations, both with large international conglomerates but also entrepreneurial start-ups.


We stay strong and reliable in the long run because a flexible model is at the core of our organization. Our team members are fully operational and technically seasoned with experience in all technical matters faced by our customers. Additionally, we can also deploy our network of international experts. Final assembly and testing of all instruments are performed at our premises, and we have a wide array of specialized workshops to machine complex parts. This workflow permits an appropriate resource allocation scheme to adjust with varying market atmosphere. Whether it be for complex, multi-instrument devices or basic, educational tools, customer satisfaction is always our priority. 

Each year, our Quality Management System is certified ISO 9000 by Bureau Veritas. Our teams in the USA and India are experts at international requirements and routinely supply quality assurance plans to meet ASME, ABSA, ATEX, UL, and other systems across diverse industries from FDA to nuclear.