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Indirect tension Brazilian fixture (ITB 100) - ASTM D3967

This simple test allows the determination of tensile strength via a uniform diametral line compression of a cylindrical specimen. Using cylindrical specimens and compressing them vertically between two cylindrical seating loading jaws gives an indirect tensile stress and a corresponding deformation in the orthogonal plane. This experimental setup is also known as the Brazilian test and can be used with the Point Load Tester compression frame. The fixture is designed to test multiple specimen diameter using replaceable specimen end caps. The device comprises two upper and lower loading plates guided by two columns through low-friction bearings to ensure alignment between the fixture and specimen. Both plates feature removable curved specimen end caps that come in contact with the specimen. They are made of hardened steel and ground flat to minimize stress concentration on the specimen. In addition, a spherically seated washer in the upper plate avoids bending-moments and ensures axial loading alignment.


Standard : ASTM D3967
Manufacturer : Floxlab
Load capacity: 100 kN
End caps included with the indirect tension fixture:

 End cap ref EC-1.5 for specimen diameter of up 38.1 mm (1.5 inch)
 End cap ref EC-BX for specimen diameter of 42.0 mm (1.654 inches)
 End cap ref EC-NX for specimen diameter of 54.7 mm (2.154 inches)


* Assured excellent alignment between the fixture and the specimen
* Easy installation of removal from the PLT frame
* Hardened specimen end caps for testing strong rock
* Versatile, allows multiple specimen diameter to be tested using the same fixture 

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