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High pressure syringe pump (Bench Top, Single Pump series)

The versatile BTSP series are designed for applications requiring accurate pulseless flow and pressure control of both inorganic (brine, solvent...) and organic fluids (hydrocarbons, microbial solution...). These pumps deliver specified pressure, flow rate and volume at both ambient and reservoir conditions, and can operate at either constant pressure or constant flow rate. In the former mode, a pre-defined specific volume can accurately be transferred. Pressurization is obtained via a motor-driven piston. The pump is equipped with an accurate pressure sensor, two hand-operated valves for tank feeding and outlet delivery, a control panel and a storage tank. Optionally, a computer data acquisition and supervision system can be provided. Furthermore, a variable temperature heating mantle can be supplied to heat the fluid up to 150°C. The BTSP series volumetric capacity is customizable, and while the standard material for wetted parts is a high grade stainless steel, hastelloy can be requested for corrosive fluid applications.




 Max flow rate
 Mini flow rate 
BTSP 20-40 20 40,000 7.5 0,0001
BTSP 50-30 50 30,000 20 0,0001
 BTSP 100-10 100 10,000 45 0.0001
BTSP 125-20 125 20,000 30 0.0001
BTSP 175-15 175 15,000 30 0.0001
BTSP 250-10 250 10,000 60 0.0001
BTSP 500-5 500 5,000 130 0.0001
BTSP 1000 1000 1,875 250  0.0001 


The extended series of BTSP-series benchtop single syringe pumps are designed for applications requiring larger volumes, flow rates and pressures than those of the BTSP series. The functionalities and software remain the same.



 Max flow rate
 Mini flow rate 
BTSP 300-15 300 15,000 40 0.0001
BTSP 250-20 250 20,000 35 0.0001
BTSP 500-10 500 10,000 70 0.0001
BTSP 1000-5 1000 5,000 130  0.0001 


Conversion of wetted parts into hastelloy
This option is required when corrosive fluids such as high concentration brine or acidic solutions are to be handled. The hastelloy wetted parts encompass the pump cylinder, tubing, connectors and valves.

Temperature control jacket
The jacket wraps around the pump cylinder, enabling an isothermal flow of liquid through the 1/4'' upper and lower hose connectors, keeping the temperature of the pumped fluid constant.

Heating system
To reproduce reservoir temperatures, the heating system is utilized to heat and maintain a homogeneous, isothermal (up to 150°C) temperature profile in the pump cylinder. The pump panel is used to enter, display and regulate the temperature (reading: 0.1°C). An embedded temperature probe continuously measures the cylinder's temperature.

Pump mixer
The pump cylinders can be equipped with a magnetically driven stirrer to provide an in-situ, efficient, thorough fluid mixing at any operating pressure and temperature. The mixer which incorporates a permanent magnet driven by a variable speed DC motor is coupled via the pump cylinder end cap. The pump panel allows starting, stopping and speed variation (up to 1,500 RPM).

High temperature CO2 gas sealing kit
The pump can be equipped with a proprietary packing that assures proper sealing of pressurized gas samples in high temperature applications up to 150°C (300 F). One of the great advantages of these seals is their non-reactivity to gases such as CO2, N2 and hydrocarbon gas. 

* Compact
* Extreme long life
* Wide range of flow rate at maximum pressure
* Touch screen panel 

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Fig.1: Standard Benchtop pump

  Fig.2: Benchtop pump with mixer

Fig.3: Benchtop pump with HT-HP CO2 gas sealink kit

Video presentation: