HTP-series Heated Triple Pump


The HTP pumps are capable of generating continuous, pulse-free flow over a wide range of pressures and operate at ambient or high temperature. The three pistons are synchronized so that an uninterrupted flowrate can be achieved at constant pressure during the entirety of the fluid transfer process. The HTP series is perfectly suited for both steady and unsteady-state experiments in either flow-through or recirculating configurations. Fluid delivery and feeding is achieved via three pump cylinders connected to each other by three 3-way air-powered valves. In multiphase experiments, one HTP pump is required for each fluid.


Max pressure: 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi
Temperature: ambient to 150°C
Cylinder capacity: 3 x 100 ml
Flow rate: 0.005 to 50 ml/min (10 Kpsi model) 
Pressure accuracy: 0.1 % full scale
Volume accuracy: 0.001 ml
Flow accuracy: 0.5 % set point
Wetted parts: Stainless steel or hastelloy
Power supply: 220 VAC , 50 Hz
Air requirement: 100 psi