CF-series Continous flow pump

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Floxlab CF Series pumps deliver unparalleled accuracy and repeatability with the superior pulse-free metering that is critical for so many of today s production and research environments. Based on an advanced design that includes an innovative valve technology and two independently controlled motor-driven pistons, the pump set new standards in continuous, pulse-free operation. The Floxlab Series exemplifies what you should demand from a metering pump.and pre-pressurizes the liquid, the other pumps fluid into the system, yielding an uninterrupted flow for the entirety of the process.

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Model Volume
Max flow rate
Mini flow rate
CF-3 2x40 3,000 80 0.0001
CF-6 2x32 6,000 55 0.0001
CF-12 2x15 12,000 30 0.0001
CF-15 2x12 15,000 25 0.0001
CF-20 2x10 20,000 15 0.0001
CF-30 2x5 30,000 5 0.0001


* Unlimited continuous flow
* Pulse-free flow at all rates and pressures
* Deliver or receive fluid
* Control pump based on time, pressure, flow rate, fluid volume or events
* Stainless steel or Hastelloy® wetted parts
* Ambient and high temperatures