BFDP-series Positive displacement pump (Bench Floor, Dual Pump series)

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The BFDP series accurately delivers specified pressure, flow rate and volume at both ambient and reservoir conditions. It can operate at either constant pressure or constant flow rate. In the former mode, a pre-defined specific volume can accurately be transferred. The pump is delivered with two accurate pressure sensors, four hand valves for tank feeding and outlet delivery, a control panel and a reservoir. The assembly is mounted on a chassis supported by four heavy duty casters. Optionally, a computer data acquisition and supervision system can be provided. Furthermore, a variable temperature heating mantle can be supplied to heat the fluid up to 150°C. The BFDP series volumetric capacity is customizable, and while the standard material for wetted parts is a high grade stainless steel, hastelloy can be requested for corrosive fluid applications. Two optional automatic three-way air powered valves for tank feeding and outlet delivery can be provided for unlimited continuous flow.

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Model Volume
Max flow rate
Mini flow rate
BFSP 500-15 500 15,000 40 0.0001
BFSP 500-25 500 25,000 50 0.0001
BFSP 1000-15 1000 15,000 80 0.0001


* Compact
* Extreme long life
* Wide range of flow rate at maximum pressure
* Touch screen panel