Geophysic tools

PCL tools
Pipe Conveyed Logging Latching Assembly - Flow Control PCL
Pipe Conveyed - Enhanced Side-Entry-Sub/SES
Pipe Conveyed Logging Tool - Cable protector
Pipe Conveyed Logging Tool - Cable clamp
Pipe Conveyed Logging While Fishing
VSP tools
Vertical Seismic Profile tool - GEOREC
Vertical Seismic Profile tool - GEOREC-S
Vertical Seismic Profile tool - GEOREC-US
Vertical Seismic Profile tool - GEOREC-A
Fracture Monitoring System - GEOFRAC
Permanent Downhole Sensors - PeReEval
Streamer Hydrophone - NH95-250
Restricted Streamer Hydrophone - NH95-DR
Transition Zone Hydrophone - NH95-TZ
High Pressure Hydrophone - HC-2000
High Pressure Hydrophone - NH95-HP900
Surface Land Geophone - VT-24
Surface Land Geophone - VT-32

Exploration & Production

Organic geochemistry
Rock Eval 7 analyser
Rock Eval 7S analyser
Geochemical software (Geoworks)
Quick Kinetics module
Multi kinetics module
Clean-SIM module
Quick modeling module
Vacuum oven (DR3003)
Thin section
Thin section device video presentation
Radial slabbing saw (RSS 400)
Cutting saw (CS 200)
Vacuum embedding unit (VEU)
Bonding jigs (BJ 12)
High-precision silicing saw (SS150)
Slicing and grinding machine (SG 200)
Slicing, grinding and lapping machine (SGL 200)
Manual lapping, grinding and polishing machine (LGP 250 )
Semi automated polishing machine (LGP 250-P)
Automated polishing machine (AP 250)
Automated lapping machine (LM 500)
Geology catalogue
Core preparation
Core cutting
Core cutting saw
Radial core slabbing saw
Automated core slabbing saw
Plugging machine
Automated plugging machine
Trim saw
Trimming / End face Grinder
End face grinder
Full size core end face grinder
Automatic end face grinder
core mounting
Unconsolidated core mounting system
Core cleaning
Soxhlet extractor
Cool & medium soxhlet extractor (CSE series)
CO2 / Solvent core cleaner
Centrifugal extractor
Flow through core cleaner
Recovery still for solvent
Core drying
Humidity drying oven
Vacuum drying oven
Air forced drying oven
Vacuum heated desiccator
Core saturation
Manual saturator
Automated saturator
Overburden core saturator
Core inspection
Ultra violet box
Core preparation catalogue
Routine core analysis
High accurancy electronic balance
Helium porosimeter (HEP-P)
Helium porosimeter for educational purpose (HEP-E)
Mercury porometer
Bulk volume
Immersed bulk volume meter IBV
Geometric bulk volume meter GBV
Gas permeability
Steady state gas permeameter (Gasperm)
Steady State Gas Permeameter for Educational Purpose (GPE)
Steady state gas permeameter and porosimeter (Poroperm)
Calibrated permeability check plugs
Unsteady state gas permeameter and porosimeter (Coreval 30)
Multi sample unsteady state gas permeameter and porosimeter (Keyphi)
Unsteady state gas permeameter and porosimeter (Coreval 700)
Probe permeameter (properm)
Liquid permeability
Liquid Permeameter
Bench top permeameter system (BPS 350)
Relative permeability
Educational relative permeameter (Relperm)
Bench top unsteady state relative permeameter (BRP 350)
Educational unsteady and steady state relative permeameter (SRP30)
Bench top unsteady and steady state relative permeameter (SRP 350)
Electrical properties
Electrical properties system @ ambient conditions (EPS-A)
Electrical properties system @ overburden pressure (EPS 700)
Capillary pressure and resistivity system (PC/RI)
Calibrated electrical resistivity checkplugs
Capillary pressure
Multi sample capillary pressure cell
Single sample capillary pressure cell
Capillary pressure mercury system (CPM 140)
Initial fluid saturation
Dean stark extractor
Retort Oven
Core photography
Digital core photography system DCP
Natural radioactivity
Gamma ray logger NGR200
Rock core sample
Berea Sandstone rock core sample
Routine catalogue
Special core analysis
Relative permeability
Unsteady state relative permeameter (AUTOFLOOD 700)
Steady state and unsteady state relative permeameter (RPS700)
X-ray relative permeameter system (XRP700)
In-situ saturation
Linear X-ray scanner for in-situ saturation monitoring
X-Ray computed tomography (CT) scanner
NMR experiments
NMR coreflood (NMRFLOOD)
Capillary pressure
Capillary pressure and resistivity system (CAPRI)
Capillary pressure refrigerated centrifuge (RC4500)
Semi-permeable porous disc (PD series)
Aging cell apparatus (ACA 700)
Amott cell for spontaneous imbibition and drainage tests
Automatic imbibiometer
Overburden spontaneous imbibition and drainage system (OSID)
Petrophysical software
Petrophysical software (Petroworks)
Core Holders
Hassler Core Holder (HAC series)
Pressure tapped hassler coreholder (PT-HAC series)
Hydrostatic Core Holder (HYC series)
Pressure tapped hydrostatic coreholder (PT-HYC series)
Triaxial Core Holder (TRC series)
Pressure tapped triaxial coreholder (PT-TRC series)
Leakoff Core Holder (LEC series)
Pressure tapped Leakoff Core Holder (PT-LEC series)
Quick release Core Holder (QRC series)
Xray transparent Core Holder (TXC series)
NMR Core Holder series (NMR series)
Electrical Core Holder (ECP series)
CAPRI Core Holder (CAPRI series)
2-point PC RI Core Holder (PCRI-C series)
Heating system (HES series)
Stand (STA series)
Fluid monitoring
Ambient conditions two phase video separator (2 phase VSE - A)
Ambient conditions three phase video separator (3 Phase VSE -A)
HP-HT Two Phase video separator (2 PHASE VSE 700)
HP-HT Three Phase video separator (3 PHASE VSE 700)
Video tracker (VT series)
Liquid fraction collector
Gas / Liquid fraction collector
Wet gas meter (WG series)
Gas flow control system (GFC series)
Fluid storage
Floating piston accumulator (FPA series)
Rodded floating piston accumulator (RFPA series)
Digital volume piston accumulator (DVPA series)
Accumulator heating mantle
Accumulator stand (SAS and DAS series)
Mixer cylinder (MC series)
Stainless steel fluid transfer vessel (FTV-SS series)
Glass fluid transfer vessel (FTV-G series)
Hydraulic intensifier (HI series)
Back pressure regulator (BPR series)
Automated back pressure regulator ( ABPR series)
Capillary sight glass tube (CSGT series)
Automated confining pressure controller (ACP series)
Automated confining pressure and temperature controller (ACP-700-150)
Electrical isolator (EI 700 series)
High pressure needle valve (NV series)
High pressure quick connectors (QC series)
Controlled temperature airbath
Special core analysis catalogue
Reservoir stimulation
Formation damage
Formation damage and well treatement evaluation system (FDS 350)
Formation Evaluation System (FES 350)
Matrix acidizing
Matrix acidizing tester (MAT 700)
Rotating disk reactor (RDS 350)
Hydraulic fracturing
Proppant conductivity system (PCM1000)
Hydraulic Fracture test system (FRACLAB)
Acid Fracturing
Acid etching apparatus (AEA 3000)
Proppant fracture conductivity meter (PFCM 1000)
Acid Fracture conductivity system (AFCM 3000)
Brine crystallization
Pressurized brine crystallization temperature tester (PCT 1300)
Reservoir stimulation Catalogue
Unconventional reservoirs
Shale nano-permeability
Gas shale nano-Darcy permeameter (nanoperm)
Gas adsorption isotherm
Gas adsorption Isotherm System (GADIS)
Low pressure gas adsorption isotherm system (LP-GADIS)
Gas desorption
Desorption canister (DECAN)
Unconventional reservoir catalogue
Reservoir geomechanics
Mechanical properties
Point load tester (PLT 100) - ASTM D5731
Indirect tension Brazilian fixture (ITB 100) - ASTM D3967
Educational uniaxial rock tester (UNITEST) - ASTM D7012, D7070, 3967
Fracture toughness apparatus (FTA-100)
Specimen flatness gage - ASTM D4543
West Cerchar abrasiveness index tester (CAI 70) - ASTM D7625-10
Original Cerchar abrasiveness index tester (OCAI 70) - ASTM D7625-10
Slake-durability index meter (SDIM)
Acoustic velocity
Overburden acoustic velocity system (AVS)
Atmospheric acoustic velocity system (AVS-A)
Rock compressibility
Rock compressibility system (ROCLAB)
Educational rock compressibility system (PORELAB)
Compression tests
Rock uniaxial and triaxial compression tester (MECATEST)
Rock triaxial testing system (GEOTEST) - ASTM D7012, D7070
Rock triaxial tester (TRILAB)
Manual rock Direct shear tester (Sheartest 100M)
Automated rock direct shear tester (Sheartest 100A)
Automated rock direct shear tester (Sheartest 300)
Gas hydrates triaxial test
Gas hydrates load frame system (Hydratest)
Gas hydrates triaxial system (Hydralab)
triaxial cells
Passive triaxial cell (PC series)
Balanced passive triaxial cell (BPC series)
Deviatoric triaxial cell (DC series)
Balanced deviatoric triaxial cell (BDC series)
Triaxial Hoek cell
Quick release triaxial cell (QRC series)
Rock mechanics catalogue
Flow assurance
Solid Detection System (SDS)
High Pressure Microscope (HPM)
Organic Solid Filter (OSD)
Automated asphaltene extractor - ASTM D6560, IP143 and NF 60115
Flow Assurance System (FLASS)
Reservoir fluid particle analyser (RFP)
High pressure Flocculation titrimeter (FT series)
Atmospheric flocculation titrimeter (FT-1) - ASTM D7157
Asphaltene deposition inhibitor tester (ADIT)
Automated Heithaus flocculation titrimeter (FT-A)
Solid Detection System (SDS)
High Pressure Microscope (HPM)
Flow Assurance System (FLASS)
Reservoir fluid particle analyser (RFP)
Flocculation titrimeter (FT series)
Wax deposition flow loop for stock tank oil (Wax-Eval A)
Small sized Wax flow loop for live oil (Wax-Eval SS200)
Medium sized Wax flow loop for live oil (Wax-Eval MS150)
Multi-place cold finger (MCF series)
Gas hydrates autoclave system (GHA series)
Hydrates studies system (HYDREVAL)
Hydrates Kinetics Studies System (KINETIC EVAL)
Fluid Eval for HP-HT visual studies (Visual 300 version)
Dynamic scale loop (Scaleval)
Visual scale tester (Visual scaleval)
Fluid pumpability
Friction flow loop for evaluating Drag Reducing Agents (DRA flow loop)
Flow through SDS cell (FTC series)
Floor stand stirred pressure vessel (FSV series)
Flow assurance catalogue
Enhanced oil recovery
Multi purpose EOR flooding systems
Coreflood system configurable for any EOR processes (CFS series)
Benchtop core flooding systems (BCF 700)
Sand pack system (SAP series)
Chemical flooding EOR
EOR core flood system for polymer and chemical injection (CHEMFLOOD)
HP-HT Foam analyser (FOAM EVAL)
Gas injection EOR
EOR core flood system for gas injection (GASFLOOD)
Slim Tube System (STS 700)
Rising Bubble Apparatus (RBA 700)
Thermal EOR
EOR core flood system for steam injection (STEAMFLOOD)
Steam generator
Microbial EOR
EOR core flood system for microbial injection (MICROB-FLOOD)
Waterflood system for secondary recovery (WATERFLOOD)
Interfacial tension
Interfacial Tension Meter ( IFT 700)
Critical properties
Critical temperature and pressure tester (CPT 200)
EOR catalogue
Fluid sampling
Sampling tools
Bottom hole sampler
Downhole sampling transfer bench
PVT surface sampling kit
Surface sample cylinders
Gas shipping cylinders (GS SERIES)
Low pressure piston sample cylinder (LPP series)
Flow through sample cylinder (FTS series)
Bottom hole sample cyl.
High pressure piston sample cylinder (HPP SERIES)
Light weight piston sample cylinder (Cylight series)
Micro high pressure piston sample cylinder (MHP SERIES)
Single Phase sample cylinder (SPS SERIES)
Heating mantles
Fluid sampling catalogue
Phase behavior
PVT system for PVT studies & wax / asphaltene precipitation studies
Full visual PVT system for reservoir fluid analysis
Mobile PVT system for field PVT tests
Educational PVT cell for phase behavior analysis
Equilibrium flash separator apparatus
Multistage separator apparatus
Bubblepoint pressure apparatus (BPP)
GOR apparatus
GOR sample pycnometer
Gas pycnometer
Automated gasometer
Manual gasometer
Liquid condensation trap
PVT simulation software
PVT simulation software (Fluidworks)
Fluid recombination
Recombination cell apparatus (RCA 1000)
Mobile recombination and restoration apparatus (MRR 1000)
Mixer cylinder (MC series)
Digital density meter
High pressure high temperature Density cell
Rolling ball Viscometer (RBV 1000)
Capillary Viscometer (CAVIS)
Electromagnetic Viscometer (EV 1000)
Heavy oil Viscometer (HOV 700)
Fluid composition
Hydrocarbon compositional analyzer
Molecular weight tester
PVT accessories
Gas Booster (GB series)
Pressure generator system (PGS series)
Solvent cleaner
Deadweight Gauge
Digital Pressure gauge (DPG series)
Heating trolley for liquid cylinder
Heating trolley for gas cylinder
Sample Restoration Apparatus
Gas sample Restoration Apparatus
Heating mantle
Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
PVT catalogue
PVT training
PVT training - Ensayo PVT
Injection pumps
High pressure syringe pump (Bench Top, Single Pump series)
High pressure syringe pump (Bench Top, Dual Pump series)
Positive displacement pump (Bench Floor, Single Pump series)
Positive displacement pump (Bench Floor, Dual Pump series)
Continous flow pump (CF-series)
Heated Triple Pump (HTP series)
Low pressure syringe pump (PV-series)
Manual pumps
Low pressure manual pump
High pressure manual pump
High pressure metering manual pump
Pump catalogue

Pilot Plants and Laboratory equipment

About Pilot Plants and Lab equipment
About us
Catalyst Mechanical Testing and Lab-scale Production
Versatile Mechanical Tester: Grain and Bulk Crushing Strength Testers
Versatile Attrition Tester: Rotating Tube and Rotating Drum Attrition Testers
FCC Catalyst Attrition Tester
Laboratory mixer and extruder
Laboratory Scale Catalyst Investigation Equipment
Micro Catalyst Bed unit
Catalyst Testing Versatile unit
Multi Reactor Catalyst Testing unit
FCC Catalyst Steam Deactivation Unit
Custom-made Equipment and Demonstration Plants
Product Line Overview
Tailor Made Lab-scale units
Tailor Made Pilot Plants

High vacuum division

Ultra High Vacuum Technologies
An outstanding video on the expertise of the High Vacuum Division
Materials Research
Rapid Helium Permeameter : QHV4
Four sources Evaporation / Sputtering Deposition System : PVD4
Ten Sources Multi-process Evaporation / Sputtering Deposition System : PVD10
Thermal Evaporation / MBE UHV Deposition System: E300
E-Beam Evaporation / MBE UHV Deposition System : E450
Six targets Pulsed Laser Deposition System : PLD350
Eight targets Pulsed Laser Deposition System : PLD950
UHV Linear Transfer Tunnel : MECATRANS
Vinci Technologies is an OLED expert
Rapid Helium Permeameter (QHV4)
Four Sources Deposition System (PVD4)
Ten Sources Multi-process Deposition System (PVD10)
Application for Solar Energy Conversion
Ferromagnetic / Spintronic
An outstanding video on the expertise of the High Vacuum Division
Partnership with Spin-ION Technologies
Thermal Evaporation Deposition Technique
E-Beam Evaporation Deposition Technique
Two Sources Thermal Evaporation Deposition System (PVD2-E)
Four Sources Thermal Evaporation Deposition System (PVD4-E)
Ten Sources Multi-process Evaporation Deposition System (PVD10)
Electron Beam Evaporator (PVD20-EB)
Example: PVD20-EB at Tel Aviv University : Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
RF/DC Sputtering Technique
Two Sources Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System (PVD2-SP)
Four Sources Magnetron Sputtering (1"- 2") Deposition System (PVD4-SP)
Four Sources Magnetron Sputtering (2" to 4") Deposition System (PVD4-SP+)
Six sources Magnetron Sputtering (3") Deposition System (PVD6)
Ten Sources Multi-process Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System (PVD10)
Example: R&D Centre for Low-Cost Plasma and Nanotechnology Surface Modifications
Example: PVD 20 at Tel Aviv University : Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
UHV Thermal MBE Deposition System (UHV-E300)
UHV E-Beam & MBE Deposition System (UHV-E450)
Example: Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Hungary)
MBE growth and optical characterization of GaN/AlGaN nanowire heterostructures
Laser MBE (Pulsed Laser Deposition- PLD)
Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique
Six targets Pulsed Laser Deposition System : PLD350
Eight targets Pulsed Laser Deposition System : PLD950
Laser technologies for the development of carbon materials for environmental analytical microsystems
UHV Linear Transfer Tunnel
Ultra High Barrier Permeameters
Ultra High Barrier Rapid Helium Permeameter
Customized UHV Chambers
Customized UHV chambers
Catalogue (English)
Effusion Cells
Substrate Manipulation
Sample Holder Motorization
Sample Holder Heating/Cooling
Pumps & Pressure Management
Valves & Fittings
Catalogue (French)
Transfer sample from loadlock to chamber
Loading a new target
UHV Linear Transfer Tunnel to buffer chamber
UHV Linear Transfer Tunnel to growth or analysis chamber
Quick exchange of HV deposition stage
Vinci Techologies présent à la Journée Scientifique Edwards (Saclay 28 Mars 2019)
Newsletter Spring 2016
LOPEC 2016, Germany, München (6-7 April 2016)- Hall B0- Booth 208
Colloque JSI 2016 au CINAM et IMN2P de Marseille (27-29 Janvier 2016)
Newsletter Winter 2017
State of the art UHV systems for the new Center for Quantum Phenomena (NYU)
The 20th International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (ICMBE 2018)
Printed Electronics USA 2015, California, Santa Clara (18-19 November 2015)
Vacuum Expo 2015, UK, Coventry (14-15 October 2015)
E-MRS Spring Meeting 15, France, Lille (11-15 May 2015)
Printed Electronics Europe 2015, Germany, Berlin (28-29 April 2015)
Vacuum TechExpo 2015, Russia, Moscow (14-16 April 2015)
LOPEC 2015, Germany, Berlin (3-5 Mars 2015)
ESRF Users Meeting - EPN Campus, Grenoble (9-11 February 2015)
Colloque JSI 2015 au CEMES de Toulouse (28-30 Janvier 2015)
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Local Representatives
Legal notices
Mentions légales