IFT 700HC-Interfacial Tension & Contact angle meter for wettability


The IFT700 apparatus, known for its robustness and precision, is capable of determining the interfacial tension between two immiscible fluids using the pendant/rising drop methods and measuring the contact angle of a liquid droplet on a solid surface using the sessile drop method under conditions that replicate those found in reservoirs, including pressure and temperature. In Carbon Storage programs, this tool holds significant value for evaluating the contact angle between carbon dioxide (CO2) and brine under reservoir pressure and temperature conditions. This assessment is essential for determining the rock's wettability. The contact angle measurement offers critical insights into how effectively a rock surface can be wetted by CO2 and brine in the actual subsurface environment. This information is vital for accurately predicting the interactions of CO2 with the geological formation during injection and storage within CCUS projects. Such precise data about capillary trapping, fluid mobility, and storage efficiency ensures that CCUS initiatives are meticulously designed and executed, ultimately enhancing the program's safety and success.


IFT standard measurement : 0.1 to 72 mN/m
Temperature : Ambient to 180°C
Temperature accuracy :  0.1 °C
Pressure :  700 bar (10,000psi)
Wetted parts : hastelloy
Power supply: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz


* Reliable tool for interfacial tension and contact angle measurements
* Operates under reservoir-like conditions (pressure and temperature).
* Assesses CO2 and brine contact angles, essential for understanding rock wettability.
* Contact angle determines rock wettability, aiding the study of residual trapping mechanisms in carbon storage.
* Utilizes cutting-edge image processing to determine interfacial tension and contact angles with high precision.