GEOREC-A - Vertical Seismic Profile tool

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VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile) is the main link between time-based surface seismic imaging and depth/based well logs. It provides a high-resolution image of the structure in the vicinity of the instrumented well. One or several seismic sources on the surface are fired and recorded by the downhole receivers (GEOREC-A) positioned at different depth levels. The downhole receivers allow recording in lower noise conditions as well as recording direct arrivals and recording higher frequencies (->higher resolution) than the equivalent surface tools.  The GEOREC-A is a downhole analog tool designed for seismic acquisition in very high temperature conditions.   Each GEOREC-A single level includes 3 fixed or gimbaled geophones and is provided with its own power supply. Without electronic transmission, the system is simpler and more reliable. Up to 2 GEOREC levels can be successively connected with a 7 conductors standard cable.


Maximum temperature : 205°C continuously (405°F)
Maximum pressure : 1,500 bar (21,500 psi)
Maximum number of levels : 2
Diameter : 80 mm (3.15’’)
Total tool length  :1,050 mm (41’’)
Compatible casing diameter  : 3.75’’ to 16’’
Locking force ratio : 5:1 to 20:1
Maximum cable length : 6,000 m
Distance between levels : no limitations

Fixed : SM-45 15Hz HT
Gimbaled : on request
Pre-amplification : 54 dB


* Working temperature up to 205°C continuously (401°F), without active cooling.
* Working pressure up to 1,500 bar (21,500 psi)
* Independent power supply - on each level 
* Simplified electronics to prevent system breakdown