STORFLOOD-Unsteady and steady state CO2-Brine relative permeameter


The STORFLOOD system is tailored for research labs focusing on the geosequestration of carbon dioxide as a method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The core-scale migration process of CO2 mixed with brine is crucial in accurately assessing storage capacity, guaranteeing storage safety, and forecasting the long-term impacts of the stored CO2 within these underground reservoirs. This equipment facilitates the injection of CO2 in its gaseous, liquid, and supercritical states into a brine-saturated specimen. It measures both the steady and unsteady relative permeabilities of the two fluids under conditions that mimic actual reservoir pressure and temperature.


Max confining pressure: 10,000 psi
Max pore pressure:
10,000 psi
Max gas pressure:
2,500 psi
Max working temperature:
Test flow type:
Unsteady state and steady state
Core diameter:
1"1/2 other upon request
Core length:
1” to 3” other upon request
Material: Hastelloy
220 VAC 50/60 Hz, 1 ph
CO2, brine


* Accurately determines CO2-brine relative permeability under unsteady and steady state modes at reservoir pressure and temperature conditions
* The system can inject CO2 in various phases (gas, liquid, or supercritical) to replicate reservoir conditions, enabling realistic testing.
* It provides crucial data for addressing multiple trapping mechanisms, optimizing storage efficiency, ensuring safety, and predicting potential CO2 leakage